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 Training Programs

Are you looking to expand your counselling and supervision skills? Training participants are provided with a space to reflect on their own counselling and/or supervisory practices and to expand their scope of practice by advancing their skills, interventions and professional knowledge in a variety of areas.

Entry Level Counselling Training

Supervisor Training


Therapeutic Practices: Interventions for the Counselling Therapist


Are you looking for a counselling supervisor? This supervision approach is designed to provide a competency-based framework for counsellors and supervisors to grow and develop successful private practices. Supervision provides a safe and supportive space for reflective practice, in order to develop insights and enhance professional skills.

Supervision for Supervisors


Individual Supervision  and Group Supervision


Counsellor Connections: A Therapeutic Workshop for the Helping Professional


Counselling / Therapy

Are you looking for a counsellor / therapist? My counseling philosophy comes from the belief that every person is the expert of their own life. I provide a safe environment where people can process and gain the insights and awareness they are seeking.

Individualgroup, family and couples


Are you looking to deepen your understanding of your strengths and the strengths of others, in order to enhance communication, relationship connection, career identification, conflict resolution, or how you handle stress? The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and /or the Inner Design assessments will help you in these areas.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator


Your Inner Design

Inner Design

Group Therapy and Workshops

Intimate Connections for Women

Home Improvements for Men

Master Your Life Workshop Series

Couples Connect



Employee Benefit Programs

Are you looking to set up a counselling program as an employee benefit for your company or small business? Review further details by clicking below:

Employee Family Assistance Program